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Much of the students wasted their lots of money in doing computer courses but will get nothing just because of lack of professionalism in their respective fields. SRTutor HD Classes will provide online tutoring for free to fulfill the requirements of students. The biggest advantage of our online tutoring is that all of our classes will be free of cost. Classified into starter, intermediate & advanced level as a results of this students will face no problem in the preparation of their classes. SRTutor HD Classes advocating on the information collected from all around the globe and presented towards who need this.

Our online tutoring currently focuses on professional computer classes at current we wish to move towards further in future. We only a linked in connection between tutors and students. SRTutor HD Classes only makes possible collaboration of both of them. Through our website it is useful for students interested in doing a computer course because in market you will come to know about various computer classes available at doorstep but with large amount of money many of them offers affordable prices too but there is one common thing between them its lack of knowledge.

Certified Courses also available for some fields such as Tally,English speaking etc.Even students confuse about small things such as what is basic computer course, small computer classes for just introducing students with computers despite of that promising of making students intimacy with computers. May be their only aim is to loot money but leave that apart we are not comparing with anyone it's student choice whom they preferred. We are not promising anyone best basic computer classes by words only we want to prove this through our work. Many of students thinks that how they able to choose best computer classes & answer is simple that which gives you full satisfaction or deep but easy access of knowledge towards the subject.

Computer is easy subject as compare to Mathematics & Science but in our country only two rules follow for this present this as useless subject or present this as harmless subject. Keep one thing in mind that no subject is tough or easy only the teacher responsible for this how a teacher present this subject towards students as a harmless or useless subject. We tried to keep subject teaching as much easier for students because we believe in play way method of teaching not corporal method of teaching.

Computer is a human made equipment we all already well known this thing. So there is need of some expertise in the field of computers. If anyone use computer than visit our website choose specified tutorials according to your needs download the high definition video or simply view this. Through this anyone can increase his knowledge & simply share this with others.

At our website time to time video is uploaded related to the subjects specially computers i.e. basic computer classes for example :- Introduction to computers, Microsoft Office, Internet etc. Also our classes include Tally an accounting software, web designing classes which include HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language), PHP(Perl Hypertext Preprocessor), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), CMS(Content Management System) such as Joomla, Wordpress & Drupal etc. Our course also include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), image editing or we can call DTP classes such as Adobe Photoshop & video editing software such as Camtasia Studio, Vegas Pro, Adobe Premier Pro & Adobe After Effects.We also have our focus on academic courses.

Learn Spanish Language,Google AMP & CSC Knowledge

Learn Spanish language through our website in an easy way.We posted multilingual content i.e Hindi & English language like videos in Hindi but content posted on website in English language.We started from the scratch to the advanced level.Also learn Google AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) as the name indicates that how mobile website designed & will help users.We will also make tutorials on Common Service Center(CSC) knowledge.

Latest Govt Jobs,Technology News Information through Whatsapp

People still unaware about the latest Govt. jobs recruitments or have to rush towards the cyber cafes & computer shop owners for latest jobs information.For giving them information on job recruitments money is charged.People also paid much money for filling up job forms & have to wait for hours at their shops for filling up forms.Getting printouts easily at cheap genuine rates is still a dilemma for much people.So what happen when they will get printouts at their doorsteps & filling job forms by just sitting at home through Whatsapp.

All online services basically Digital India services available at your doorstep.The only thing need to do is inform us through whatsapp.All documents will be send to them at their home.No money charged for delivery this is our promise.Keeping you updated with technology news is our main motto too.

Now try to think for sometime about some issues. As computer was invented by Charles Babbage in 1833 but computer introduced to India in 1956. Internet being invented in 1960s but introduced in India in 1995 on Independence Day in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi.

At current India is in the first three of most internet users. But still we are much far away from our ancient spot in education. Because Indians never be back benchers in the field of education in the past but at current computer literacy rate in India is around 6% while in United States of America it is around 99%.

CSC Services Through Whatsapp

Each and every person has something which may be different than others or may be unique in their surroundings.CSC services also faciliated by us and our motive is to provide online education to students.But most of people's talent left hidden because of the unavailability of suitable platform. There is no requirement of much technical knowledge for broadcasting your talent. At most all of the institutes claimed that the best computer courses or best computer courses in the city but we are not at backward too our only aim is to provide that quality of education to the students so they prove themselves best by work.

In order to achieve the best in their work the only thing needed is hard work.So don't worry about latest tech news..The easy way to send your work towards us is simply e-mail your content to us & we will upload this to the wider range of students. Most of you think that we will cunning the people so this is not our intention so our platform is only for whom who feels difficulty in bringing their talent towards others or even don't know how to upload this. We will pay money to the person who sends us their work. Sends your content through e-mail towards us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So here is the platform for bringing up their talent towards the world. So upload your talent to us & we will present this towards others.You must read the terms & conditions before broadcasting your talent.

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